A ticking time-bomb?

Now regarded as one of the most effective ways of replacing missing teeth, dental implants are becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

Indeed, the most recent statistics indicate that there are more than 100,000 new implants being placed every year – and this figure is predicted to grow considerably in the future.

However, because of the attention that dental implants are receiving from the public, the issue of peri-implantitis is also starting to receive more coverage. This is an issue, particularly as the media have taken to describing the condition as a ‘time-bomb’. As dental professionals, we are aware that these comments are mostly hyperbolic – when compared to normal periodontal problems, peri-implantitis is an almost negligible issue. Nevertheless, if we wish to offer a world-class implant service in this country, then it is important to investigate peri-implantitis a little further.

Unfortunately, dental professionals are yet to agree a definitive description for peri-implantitis. There is no standard definition of what classes as peri-implantitis and the research that has been undertaken lacks a…

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