What your business needs to know about illegal workers

As we approach Brexit, now more than ever before, employers need to ensure their employees have the right to work in their business.

In 2016, both the offences and penalties relating to the employment of illegal workers broadened significantly, meaning mistakes can be extremely costly for a business both in monetary terms and in relation to reputational damage suffered.

The concern over illegal working in healthcare is not new. In July 2013, the Mirror ran a story that noted that illegal workers were found in the police, NHS and even at HM Treasury. In December 2015, the CQC was reported to have asked the Home Office for the names of care providers fined for employing illegal workers. And the BDJ has a distinct webpage for those from overseas wanting to work in dentistry in the UK.

The law and penalties

It is unlawful to employ someone who does not have the right to live and work in the UK or to employ a person who is working in breach of any conditions…

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