Employment law myths

Management mistakes in the workplace can lead to costly litigation, loss of management time and bad publicity.

Often, mistakes are made when management assume they know the answer to a problem or rely upon longstanding practices taken by the company that do not stand up to scrutiny. Below, lawyer Chloe Themistocleous dispels the top 10 employment myths and reviews the potential consequences.

1. If there is no written contract between an employer and an employee, there is no contract at all

There does not need to be a written agreement for an employee to have a contract with their employer. A contractual relationship can be based on what two parties have said to one another and what they do. In the absence of a written contract, when a dispute arises an employment tribunal will consider what the parties say was agreed, what they actually did and any supporting evidence. Problems usually arise when the parties cannot agree on a point they had not previously discussed, for example…

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